Sunday, 2 April 2017


You slept on me
Simply pretended you did believe,
In the dreams I did conceive
Thought I'd be too blind to see

You slept on me
Told me you were down for the ride
Even walked right by my side
Your true intentions tried to hide

You slept on me
Told me that words were inspiring
While all the time conspiring
To kill the flame inside of me

You slept on me
Saying you felt the depths in my lines,
The journey through my mind
While hating all the time

You slept on me
And let me down just when I needed you
When I tried to climb
My ladder you did hide

You slept on me
Tried to deceive me with your lies
With the words you gave so kind
But it was all a device
A diversion
A subtle excursion of praise and accolades
Of encouragement and words, designed, to look like they were there help move me along
Keep me going with life’s song, when all along
You were plotting, and trying to bring me down and silence the lines
The truths that lives deep within the wells of my soul,
Hiding in the places you refuse to go because you are afraid
To open up your mind, to the hurt, the pain, the emotions that fall down like rain, and drown you like waves
Jealous of the ways in which I travel through the ins and outs of the things lying way down deep in side
Of the lines that escape me, so rhythmically and fluently, Influentially
Effortlessly designed to amaze, so you hate
But that’s okay, I’ll move on, live on, breathe continuously swimming in pools of grey searching for that light
The one that you tried to destroy
Pretending that you were on board
But you didn’t know my power
And now that you're asleep, in your dreams I will seep
Impregnate, seed, infect you with the words that you tried to escape
Like the sandman I will wash over you with my truths, subconsciously invading the parts you tried to deny that you saw in me, but I can see in you
And now you’re sleep and helpless,
Powerless to the rhymes
That flow across the boundaries of space and time from my mind into your mind now your mine
And you’ll never break free, no never break free
And when you wake my voice will be imprinted on your mind
Engraved on your heart, the thing you tried to stifle, now forever will be a part of you
There’s nothing you can do
Your plan has bounced back on you, the very thing you thought I couldn’t do I have done to you now what
Tell me, now what
There is no what, the battle is won, you're done I came out number one
And now you can see that you shouldn’t have tried to play me

You slept on me
That was your biggest mistake cause now what you tried to run away from will follow you to your grave

You slept on me.

©Samuel Alexander April 2017

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