Friday, 14 April 2017

No Tears

Today I tried to cry and failed I didn't have the strength
Found I'd passed the point of no return beyond the deep of my emotional wealth

Knocked down the walls of sanity scattering the pieces of my humanity
To the furthest reaches of the land too separate to be made whole again

Swam through the darkest of darks leaving most of me behind
Walked into the light to learn that I only brought the will to survive

I felt I needed a release like I had so many times before
But every room in my soul had no space for things to store

The walls of my heart cracked leaking all things small
Like hope and faith and dreams and warmth and left me in the cold

So with dry eyes I beg, I plead, let the emotion spill out of me
But how can you loose what you don't have, break free from the emptiness

No matter how much my soul cries no water leaves my eyes
It seems the only thing I feel is the lack of what I need to release

Today I tried to cry and failed when did it get so bad
That all I had to give was emptiness on emptiness

©Samuel Alexander April 2017

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