Saturday, 8 April 2017

Stolen Fruit

Where are the fruits of our hard work through all these years
What happened to our plans, our future, our dreams
The life we were supposed to share
The place we had to go
What did you do with the pieces of my soul that I gave to you so freely
Willingly on the hopes that together we would swim in the seas of love forever
We planted the seeds, fertilised the soil, watered it with our tears through the hard times and with smiles during the good times
We waited to watch it grow into a tree that grew the most beautiful fruit and we tasted of each other a nectar so sweet, or so I believed, 
It was really bittersweet because you plucked our tree up at it roots
Took it into another land and placed the fruit of our labour into the hands of another man and left me here with nothing
Looking at an empty space that used to be filled with all that was me, 
A space that only existed because you were part of its creation, but you just used me because you couldn't become who you were without me and once you grew into something more enticing 
You decided you'd rather live in this world without me
You took the nectar of what we had made and pretended you got there on your own 
And now someone else is tasting the sweetness of a love that was never mine to begin with
So here I am looking, wondering, where it all went
How could it even be possible that there is nothing left
And I sink into the hole left behind when you uprooted your presence from my presence to replant your essence as you made an entrance into someone else's existence
Our hard work through all these years just up and disappeared and I'm digging in the soil 
Searching through the earth for any traces of us
Remnants left behind of an identity stolen, 
It's almost as if I'm digging my own grave because the only part that's left of me is the part that's shovelling out the dirt, 
Betrayed, dismayed and dying on the inside
Hands calloused from the effort it takes to look for something gone forever
How could you do this to me, 
Make me believe you and I were one just so you could grow beautifully into something you could've never been without the love I gave
I want to pretend it's okay but covered in dirt looking for pieces of me all I see is what happens when love turns cold, and the results of one-sided dreams, 
I wish I never listened to my heart, then it wouldn't have been torn apart and all I gave to you would be in someone else's hand
That would cherish it, hold it, mould it, help become the melody of entities so strong in the bond of togetherness
But instead, I'll keep drowning in the emptiness of my soul
Wondering if it was my own fault
The reasons that my heart beat is silent, my burning desire for love extinguished, my faith in life exterminated 
How could you do this to me 
Where are the fruits of our hard work through all these years
And most of all, where's the will I had to live before you came along

©Samuel Alexander April 2017

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