Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I bet you’re wondering how I got here
How could something so beautiful be so alone, forgotten
Bad things don’t happen to beauty so they say
Yet here I am, sitting, alone on a park bench
Colors so vibrant
Stem green as the coming of spring
But my thorns have lost their prick
My beauty has lost its sting
My petals smell of a scent so beautiful yet there’s no one here to smell them
And I bet you’re wondering
How, just how did I get here.

Well it’s not by chance
I really shouldn’t be here
Se I was purchased to give as a show of affection
A release of ones soul into another that claimed it wanted to be held
Oh the joy on their face as they bought me that day
Just one single rose
From one happy man
For the one love of their life
Oh the promise of such wonder and mystery that my last days of bloom should bring, before I withered away into death like most plucked flowers
Yet here I am, alone, still in full glory
Days away from even the beginning of my first wilt

See he took me to her
His heart all a flutter
The times they shared went from his soul to my stem then out of me ,in vibrant pink into the land
Everyone who saw me that day felt the desire that escaped from him
Oh the contagiousness of such delight
A proud flower I was that day

One step
Two step
Three step
One knock
Two knock
Then three
‘maybe she’s not home’ I felt him think but I knew this was wrong
I knew that any person that could bring such warmth had to be here
I was destined to meet the one who was deemed worthy of my beauty
I would live my last days as a thing of wonder shared between two lovers and the memory of me would linger on until their last breaths were shared
This was my destiny this was…

The door opened and what a vision to behold, what a glow, such…
Something was wrong
The warmth was gone
The fingertips became cold
The heart became still
All that was good drained out and try as I might even the sight of my splendor couldn’t bring the light back to my owner
The door closed, his love suddenly rebuffed
Yes suddenly
It was a shock
There were no signs
It was me, I knew
The site of me and the ring attached
My owner on one knee
It was all enough for the truth to come to light
That there was no light
She had gotten what she needed and he, the one whose heart lost its step, was no longer needed

My petals no longer reached to the sun as he walked but faced the pavement
Pointing down towards the dirt, swinging by his side never to reach my destination
A creation as beautiful as I was nothing in the end
There wasn’t anyway I could repair the damage that had been done

He sat down on the park bench
Head hung low
Tears wetting my stem and stared at me as if I could love him back
Me a dying thing that was only designed to bring temporary joy
I would soon be gone and the only memory he had of me, was that I was the symbol of love he had just learned was none existent
I showed him that the beauty he saw was a lie
It was only shining on the surface and swimming deep in shadow on the inside
I was a beautiful reminder of imitation love
And soon I would die too
It was inevitable

He tossed the ring into oblivion
Then proceeded to do the same to me, but couldn’t
He placed me on the bench and said
“maybe someone else will appreciate your beauty”
then turned away, hurt broken and sad
and me, well, that’s how I got here
My purpose in life taken away today
To live my last days as a symbol of a bond of love to last through all eternity
Now I’ll die alone
My petals will shrivel up
And no one will do their best to make me live as long as they can, so they’ll never forgot how they felt the day I was given to them
No, I won’t meet my happy end
I’ll die here on this park bench

People come, and sit
Come, and sit,
Come, and sit,
And admire and wonder yet no one is willing to take me home with them
They sense the sadness hidden in my layers of beauty
Their subconscious stops them from such a transfer of bad energy
I could’ve been a ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ petal by petal stripped away in a stupid game
Until I was just an ugly stem thrown aside
Instead I am beauty thrown aside
And I find
It amounts to the same thing

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