Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Reader And The Words

How to describe it
Euphoric bliss as words bleed out from fingertips and ink the pages of one's soul
Take flight into places the writer could never go
Leave impressions in the snow banks of the lives of people that may have lost their way
In each word there's an imprint
A message
A passage into a journey deep within
Beyond even what the author experienced when they gave birth too...
A connection that only words can make
A bridge into the dark places that make one feel all alone
Into that personal place where words leap from the page and swirl in the darkness glowing in the minds of the ones it is meant to connect with
Nothing exists except for them and the message

The release
The understanding
The cries of acceptance that breathes life in the dark and sends music into the hearts of those who feel their heart is beyond repair
Yes writing can do all these things
It can warm the frost that has consumed the lost and melt it into warm pools of joy which they can cry in, and wash away the scum that threatened to freeze them to death
It can cause anger in someone who thought they were beyond such emotions of hate and remind them that they are human just like the rest
Words can give us wings to fly above and beyond the things that keep us grounded in places we ought not be in
Just close your eyes and let them melt into you
Devour you like a slowly melting chocolate sending tingling sensations through your body as every emotion that you feel elevates
Threatens to consume in a painful yet oh so blissful experience where you realise it's okay to let go
Be free
Be you
All these things can happen when there is just you and the page, the poem, the book, the song, the essay, the words become everything and nothing and you and them are one
That is what writing is
The music of going beyond what the writer is saying and to the place of how it connects with you
What it says to you
Does to you
Changes in you
Makes or breaks you and possibly reveals the truths that you try to hide so deep down inside
Even now forget about the fact that someone else penned this
That it came from anywhere than for the purpose of being for you
Your eyes have touched it
It belongs to you now
This experience is yours and no one elses and yes, you're allowed to be selfish yet still share the words with someone else so they can claim it as their own as well
And as you surf the seas of sentences and verse and muses that bring the words together in coherent combinations, take a dive and drown in the emotions that this brings
Hold it
Own it
Don't let it go
Envelope it for the moment and let it linger on inside for that moment when you need to revisit, remind, experience again for the first time
the day when you first realised
'that you are not alone'

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