Sunday, 16 December 2012


I look in the mirror the same as I do each morning
Staring as if I could will something new into existence
Hoping today’s face and yesterdays won’t be the same
Maybe, just maybe, something has changed
I sigh and realize I’m in for more of the same
Floss, brush, rinse, repeat, my regular morning routine
But as I rinse and get ready for the second round
I look in the mirror see something and smile
Sometimes you have to look beyond what you see and as I look at my reflection I’m not surprised to find something pure, genuine, beautiful, and divine
Something that is but yet still isn’t mine
My mother

Every breath I take is filled with the love that she breathed into me
Every step I take is on feet made steady by her guiding hands when I was just moving from crawling to learning to stand
All the tears that I’ve cried whether times are good or bad
All the laughter, contentment, strength and good character are all things that I’ve learned and grown to understand with the passing imprints she left in the sand
Just long enough to leave their mark than disappearing with the waves after doing their part
To leave me alone, standing in awe of her awesome tides to go forth into the lands and create my own life
Love, heartache, friendship trust, charity, independence, strength of heart, everything that I write I create wit these hands, are a part of me now, forever, to the end, because of this woman I am who I am
So as I look in the mirror I see loves sacrifice
‘Cause she gave part of her to me so that I could have life

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