Sunday, 23 December 2012


I sent a message on the wind may it rest on your ears 
Sent a hug in the breeze may it keep you company 
Whispered a prayer in the sky may it shine down on you through hard times 
Sent you a bottle of my tears so when you cry you won't cry alone 
Sent a song with a bird that it may fly warmly round your heart 
A boat out to sea to save you right before you drown 
My arms I give freely in case you need help up off the ground 
My soul, my will, I breathe into you, so we'll never be apart 

All that I am, I give 
All that I will be is yours 
I'll protect you, feel your pain, feel your joys, travel with you through the rain 
And even though we are no more I send my heart with you, that it may beat on forever with yours 

I've taken my life so that you may live on 

I send my love from beyond the grave defying space and time 
May you find strength within my memory, for I am always yours though you are no longer mine


  1. Very beautiful and well written and words that anyone would want gifted to them.

    1. Thanks. It mightve been more beautiful if I didn't die in it but that's just not my style lol. Glad you liked it though :)

  2. I've been neglecting you... I'm back. And I'm glad. I love this. So beautiful and meaningful. I have much reading and catching up to do...!

    1. thanks.... and read on .... i'm always glad to see a comment or two :)