Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Not Enough

We are everything together that isn’t quite here or there
We meld into each other so well, from the outside all is right
On the surface the waters are calm
My heart is yours
Your love is mine
Our all is each other
Together we are more than one… we are us
But something is not right
Amiss, a link that cant be found
A puzzle that appears to be complete but is only missing just one piece

We force ourselves to see a whole

Shove the key into the wrong door and as it opens we close the page on the thing we refuse to see
It lurks behind us 
Threatens to rise up and destroy us
But we have love to guide us
Love will destroy this evil and build a fortress against it
Set its soldiers to defeat it
Love will win
Love always wins

Then why do we still not fit

Opening doors with the wrong keys
And locking away the truths of our destiny
We will stop at nothing to keep up this farce
We are meant to be
Destined to be
Designed to find each other and sink into a love so deep we drown and enjoy the pain of constant suffocation

No one knows a love this strong
It conquers all

But in the shadows truth hides
In the parts of our mind we cannot access for it knows there it will always be heard
Always be free to slowly, methodically and torturously annoy us with what we thought we had locked away
Together in love we run
As fast as we can
Away from this truth for we have love
Abundant and overflowing
But we cannot out-run it
It hits us from the front and behind
Above, below and at the sides
Truth has us trapped
How did it finally catch us and what are we to do with it
Love help us, guide us, show us the escape route
There must be a way

Denial has always worked

We’ve been so good at it
Worked so well at it
Convinced our hearts our lies were truths and let love take us beyond what has now cornered our minds
Denial will no longer work
We must face the awful truths
We know what to do but all within us compels us to refuse
We’ve been here before and know love wont sustain us to the end

But why oh why cant it

It’s supposed to be the healer of all things
Magical, all powerful
Indestructible… that is what our love has been through the years
But truths denied are truths that refuse to hide
What do you do when love isn’t enough

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