Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Prayer Unheard

I sent a prayer into the sky, but I don't think God was listening
Didn't hear the desperation, helplessness of my condition
Didn't feel the hurt the pain, couldn't see hope as it went away
Nor see faith as it hid deep in the darkness of my heart that shattered my soul
Couldn't hear it crack nor feel the splinters that exploded like ball bearings in a pipe bomb
Into all the places there was light letting the shadows creep in leaving the pieces of my soul lost in the dark unable to rejoin with each other
He didn't wipe my salty tears that touched a skin so cold
Couldn't feel my shaky hands roaming in the dark looking for the switch to let the light back in
Illuminate my inner being so my heart can be warm again
And light the way for the pieces of my soul to find their way back together once more
Didn't see that I was dead inside
Drowning in my own pain
The bleeding liquid of my aura slowly taking me under, submerging me til there was nothing left to do but cry out for help to the only one they taught me,
Informed me
Conditioned me to believe in
But it seems it was all a fabrication, false information cause I'm still here in pieces lost in the dark with just the echos of my cries
They are the only other presence in the shadows of my own creation
My destruction inevitable, prayers unheard, yet still I keep crying til I can't even hear myself pleading to be rescued, so my soul cries for me
Sends a prayer out into the universe beyond the stars to land on your ears taking the last of the light I had with me
And now it's just floating out in space while I slowly disintegrate away into nothing
My last wasted on a prayer to you not knowing
Id' already been forgotten.

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