Thursday, 16 July 2015

It's time

I think it may be time
Time to let go, move on, give up
Face the music and let the world consume me
Meet the fate i tried to change
Accept the nothingnesss and drift away into the eternal abyss of worthlessness of the me i really am and accept that the me I want to be is the stuff that pipes are made of
I should just wash my hands of it all and be done
Be consumed by the dark and not even worry if i will be missed when I'm gone
I don't care enough to be concerned about such things
The years of smiling and laughing and pretending to be this person that on the inside my true self laughs at 
He knows the dark secrets of self loathing and hate that dwell deep within
That i have hit the point where i am so far gone that faking it isn't even working anymore
Tried to fake it to make it and ended up breaking it and no longer feel like making it or taking this life thing anymore
Blink and I'll be gone 
From the darkness to the darkness a trade off from awareness to nothingness will probably be so much better than this
And the shame of it all is the blame.... it's all mine
It's all my fault 
I'm undoing the lie and disappearing in the truths of the worthless lie of my life i will no longer deny
I'll cry myself into an eternal goodbye
Yeah it's time to let go and....

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