Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I am green
I am blue
I am the dirt, the roots of plants
I am viens and smooth
Hard and soft and many things
But mostly I am underappreciated
Used and wasted
Not loved by those who have me and cherished by those who don't have but want me
The remains of me can be found everywhere by those who take me for granted
Littered across the streets

I carry a lot of things both good and bad
Powers to heal and the strength to kill
Those who have me care not much for the have-nots
And those who have-not crave from my touch, my feel
So many things a bit of me can do, but most people just look and see right through
Take me into there hands, warm me, chill me, devour me, then forget me
I'm something that you need but I'm treated like something that you just have
Purchased and as useless as that pair of shoes still in the box in your closet

But I've gotten used to the neglect
Over the years all the services I provide have been reject by the minds of so many
But there was a time when people danced for me
Beat their drums for me
Sent their hearts up to the sky and yearned to have me in their presence
They worshiped and adored me
These days, I am the sister to air
Something you take for granted and only care about until it has been contaminated
Destroyed by your own means
And then suddenly you care when the quality no longer fits your needs
Yeah I am like air, underappreciated
I wish one day things would change
My name would once again be reverenced
The gifts and standards I provide be cherished
That I would be looked upon and seen, and not seen through
For I am beautiful
I am everything
I am water, the color of life.


  1. "The remains of me can be found everywhere by those who take me for granted" I think this line is the most powerful line in this piece. With that said I really like this piece from you. Great job, in my eyes.

    1. Thanks.... Glad you enjoyed it... that was an interesting sentence because it's about littering but also about the fact that water comes in bottles... i was going to push for in bins as well but I thought that would be a bit too obvious :)