Salinor: The Beginnings

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Loved it!!, June 6, 2016
By Nina
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This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Kindle Edition)

This was a great read. I've been staying up each night just to find out what would happen. The world building is amazingly detailed, and the switches between past and present were flawless and easy to follow. I can't wait to read the next book!
10/10 would definitely recommend

Samuel's characters really come alive and allow you for a true escape into a wonderful new world, December 20, 2015
By Erik
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This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Kindle Edition)

A true fantasy book if I've ever read one. Mystical creatures, gods, destiny. It has it all. I'm most impressed with the scope of his writing. Everything is so detailed, yet set along such an epic timeline. Two stories, somehow connected, intertwine and along the way reveal their broader truths. Samuel's characters really come alive and allow you for a true escape into a wonderful new world.

Be warned, it's not a light read, and took me longer than I care to admit to finish given my distracted nature. However, it was well worth it and I'm glad I stayed to the end. And honestly, I personally don't care to invest my time in short stories if I can avoid it. I love stories that take their time and develop characters and their environment, and given Samuel's detail oriented writing style I got just that.
An Epic Fantasy, February 15, 2015
By Timothy Bateson
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This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Kindle Edition)
Salinor: The Beginnings is a very promising start to an ongoing story. There are twists and turns throughout the book that will leave you guessing as to the identities and agendas of the many characters within it's pages. There are some great characters within these pages, and the world they travel through is amazingly detailed.
I found myself drawn into a world where good and evil are not as clearly defined as some might like, and where characters have shades of gray in their personalities. You will find a world filled with magic, love and sacrifices.
If I had one complaint, it would be that the plot took a little longer to get going than I usually like, but there were some really magical moments that made the wait worth while.

Deliciously Complex!, January 29, 2015
By Amazon Customer
This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Kindle Edition)
An excellent read. The author has built a world that that has depth and grit that allows the characters to explore their depths.
Epic fantasy, January 28, 2015
This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Kindle Edition)
This book is epic in size and story! With a lot of surprises throughout the book this makes it a real page turner, if you are looking for a quality fantasy book then I would I highly recommend that you check this out.
An epic puzzle, January 24, 2015
By Jim Heskett
This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Kindle Edition)
Salinor is not normally my kind of jam, but this book was recommended to me. While it's dense and long, it needs that fat page count to unfold this puzzle of time-jumping story thoroughly. If you like getting lost in complex characters, deep plots, intense action and suspense, then Salinor should be right up your alley. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

A Must Read Epic Fantasy, April 2, 2014
By Edward
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This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Kindle Edition)
Salinor is an epic fantasy tale that is sure to bring a world of enjoyment to any lover of the fantasy genre. The author did a great job in tying in the aspects of war, adventure, love, hate, prophecy, and mythology into this detailed work.

There are two parts of the story, that of Leo and Danais, which you could say is present day, and the story of 1000 years earlier which has an important role in the journey that Leo and Danais undertake many years later.

The author did a great job in weaving together not only the development of the characters, but also their history and world building upon which many aspects of the book rely upon.

Leo and Danais struggle through adversity, aided along by their friends, and follow the path of the prophecy which can disrupt the power of the Tyrant.

The story is well over 700 pages and will give even an avid readers hours upon hours of reading enjoyment. With the story being so long, both parts of the story (the past and present) could be standalone portions and be edited into two separate novels.

There are some typos and misspellings in the book, not so much that they distract from reading, but the average reader will spot them.
Salinor by Samuel Alexander, February 24, 2014
By LoveBooks83
This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Kindle Edition)
Salinor, by Samuel Alexander, is an epic novel spanning a millennium. The extraordinarily detail-rich story takes place in the fictional realm of Salinor, and its pages are filled with fantastical creatures living in a world that shares similarities with ours, yet is vastly different. Magic, talking hybrid animals, and unique physical characteristics are interspersed with more familiar concepts, bringing to life a world that exists only in the author’s imagination.

Two separate adventures, taking place 1000 years apart, are mysteriously tied together, against a background of mythological history. First, Leo and Danais are introduced, along with an eclectic cast of supporting characters. Upon meeting, the pair is immediately drawn to one another. Very soon they realize that their relationship is a catalyst moving them toward the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy about which they know nothing. Life as they know it begins to unravel at the seams as they are thrust into a dangerous life-changing journey. Despite many uncertainties, they put their trust in the cause, hoping that their questions will be answered and the risks will be worthwhile.

Next, the reader is taken back in time to 1000 years in the past. A whole new set of characters is introduced; in particular a brother and sister pair, a teacher, and three special young students. This group, much like Leo and Danais, is brought together by fate to fulfill a prophecy. However, this prophecy, to which they ultimately dedicate their lives, will take centuries to fulfill. In fact, could it be that it is the very same prophecy that brings Leo and Danais to their quest?

While Salinor has a lot of potential, it is exceedingly long – over 700 pages of tiny print on an e-reader – and is so vast in its concept that it is often difficult to follow. The characters and places have unfamiliar names and are not easy to keep straight. Frequent misspellings, including the names of main characters, compound the issue. A character guide and map at the beginning would make very useful additions, while paring the book down and condensing the story would make for a smoother reading experience.

That said, my overall experience with Salinor was an enjoyable one. Romance, adventure, and fantasy meld together in this book, culminating in a tantalizing cliffhanger, opening wide the expectation for a sequel.

Wonderful book, January 25, 2014
By Karla C
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This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Kindle Edition)
This work is an enchanting blend of fantasy, love, and adventure. The characters are so believable you feel like you know them. It gives you no pause for boredom, but carries you on its waves every second. Delightful read. The kind of book that you don't want to end.
SALINOR, November 18, 2013
By The Wizard of Oz
This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Paperback)
SALINOR is a massive book, in both size and scope and the author has succeeded in creating a fantastic world that fits that size and scope like a glove and a story worthy of the word "epic". This magical and mystical world kept me glued from page one and the author's prose carried Leo and Dinais' story effortlessly through 700+ pages of wonderful make believe. Recommended to and for those who like their fantasy novels pumped to the max. 5 Stars.
The great mind of Samuel Alexander, November 16, 2013
By Michele
This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Paperback)
Another brilliant story from the great mind of Samuel Alexander...if you enjoy mystical stories, or a good mystery, or a little love in your life or even a story of threats of universal destruction then this is the perfect book for you. :) READ READ READ
Solid Book, November 13, 2013
By Caglevision
This review is from: Salinor: The Beginnings (Hardcover)
In the mystical, magical world of literature Salinor is a definite 5 star adventurous, fantasy ride into the unknown. The author grabs us from the beginning in his prose like writing and free flowing style. Before long you are caught in a world of gods, magic and mysticism. This world is full of adventure and excitement. This is a world that reminds me of the film industry because nothing is what it seems to be. We are guided through each step of the journey by our two main characters Leo and Dinais, who as we get to know them realize that even they are not who they think they are.

I am also attracted to the character Mai'n because of her humanness. Elements of strength and vulnerability are attractive qualities, which made me care for her. Who she is, what she is doing, what is it she wants. There is a profound truth about the human soul and emotion and our images of who we are in these characters. Each passage a road to self-discovery, each challenge revealing to us more and more. There is a lot of love, thought and lessons to be learned. There is also suspense and heart pounding moments. The battle scenes are vivid and clear. It had me rooting and ready to do battle with Leo and Dinais against their enemies. In many cases it was detailed and action packed.

This is also a book about warriors and gods. The book reminds me that the forces of love and hate, good and evil are steadily at war. It is an epic adventure packed with many punches and surprises. It takes you to many different places. Deep within are buried truths and philosophies that are gently delivered through the actions of the characters. In the end, it is a book of triumph.

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