Friday, 15 June 2012

Ratings are Overrated

Fuck... Oh shit there goes my PG13 rating.  Consider me rated R.  Yup and only in the first sentence.  Yup it's been a while but now that I'm back this ratings thing is bothering me.  What is, the country that shall remain nameless, issue with bad words.  Or words that they deem too inappropriate for the ears of the under eighteens.  Yup you heard right.  Once you go up to R all teens or children not of legal age are excluded.  I can firmly attest that this makes sense because as a teen i never used the words fuck, ass, shit, bitch, or cunt.  Hell i didn't even know what this words meant until after the age of eighteen.  Yup so i totally fucking agree with the ratings system... not.

Here's why.  I love children's movies.  I know I'm way to old but they are freakn hilarious.  They are good fun but it's funny what things slip in.  Most of the jokes are adult jokes cleverly disguised in child dialogue.  But i digress, my point is they usually have explosions, high-tech weaponry, death... Up, comes to mind, Bambi, charlotes web, the lion king, the pacifier, the list is endless.  It gets better... Lets jump up from G to PG-13.  Okay we've got all the spiderman movies, push, sherlock homes-the new ones- transformers all of them, the transporter, all of the Xmen, iron man, okay i'm stopping here.

So far we've covered death and extreme violence.  And i haven't even made it to made for kids, not teen, movies like spy kids, and the like.  Bombs explosives, death, and so on.  But all of these movies, i own hundreds I'm just to lazy to list all the ones that make PG-13 or lower, have things in them that the ratings system should concerned about.  Why is violence so accepted but a curse word is not.  You're only allowed one fuck and it absolutely can not be used for sex otherwise you're now a rated R.  That is all it takes.  Is something wrong here?  Yes

When you watch made for teen movies like saved, 100 girls, not another teen movie, beautiful thing, quincenarra, like it is,  home room,   and the  like... movies that star teens or young adults, and deal specifically with the issues of coming of age and questions that they deal with all have to be dumbed down language and content wise to squeeze in through the ratings.  Otherwise teens cant see them in the theaters, granted with downloads and black market and ticket sellers who don't care about age this is hardly a problem.  They will see these movies.  The issue is they should be able to see them in teen form.  Without the removal of bad words, the fight for as much reasonable sexual content or conversation the ratings will allow. 

As a teen i pretty much bypassed all teen movies.  I cursed, didn't drink, talked about sex and loved action.  The problem with the made for teen movies specifically, not the major block buster like the recent superhero movies, transformers and so on, they didn't allow them to delve in deep enough.  They couldn't, due to restrictions, touch the struggles i was really feeling, holding, experiencing during my own coming of age.  All the coming of age films were trapped in this ratings deadlock and as a result i found them lacking.  In a round about way it forced me to watch more indie films so it had it's pluses but still, when i watch a teen movie, it should BE a teen movie.

So back to the point, a lot of the block busters that do make it through tend to have some sort of violence guns and all sorts of other things, and the only difference i can see between a bourne movie, and say a transformer movie, is the dialogue.  Violence is violence.  Death is death.  Explosions are explosions.  If a teenager can deal with death and violence, then surely something like cursing and sex, two things they are doing, they are emotionally able to deal with in a movie.  And i'm not talking sex as in raunchy soft core redshoe diaries show time variaty.  I'm just talking simple conversation, or more than a kiss, the things teens regularly struggle to find answers two.  So i filled up my movie days with predator, beverly hills cop, the die hard movies, kung fu movies, and all sorts of things my mom had no problem letting us watch with her.  Thank god she never took the ratings stuff seriously.  Otherwise there would be loads of good movies, bad classics, not all classics are good... that i would've missed.

So why is violence okay and language not.  Why is it that teens we are trying to get to make good adult choices cant have such material in their movies but watching people get killed blown up and guns and all the other things in the PG-13 and under movies is okay.  I blame the small sect of conservative hypocritical christian judgmental assholes.  Yeah i said it.  It's so bad that in one PG movie they had to change a teacher's girlfriend to fiance in the dialogue to get the movie through.  I watch the commentaries on all my dvd's so that's where most of my info on ratings comes from.  Straight form the struggles of the producers and directors of said movies.  But coming back to the point this dialogue change is ridiculous.  Seriously adult males or women aren't allowed to date.  Are we trying to teach our children that every one we date skips over the dating phase and goes straight to marriage?

But yes it's their fault.  Why you may ask.  Because they like violence.  How do I know.  I was raised in this atmosphere.  Sodom and Gomorrah, god destroyed.  Egyptians, god flooded them.  You don't love me anymore, Noah build an ark the world is getting flooded.  The walls of Jericho came down.  He tested Abraham by asking him to kill his own son.  Christ, gods son, was crucified.  Steven was stoned to death for his faith.  Jobe was tested until he ultimately had nothing and died.  Paul was beheaded.  Jonah got caught in the midst of a storm and swallowed by a large sea creature, at least he lived.  Cane killed his brother.  David had a soldier killed so he could have his wife, bethsheba.  We all know how the ten plagues turned out.  Lots of death and the final plague with the first born sons was the worst.  And to be free from such plague slaughter a lamb and wipe the blood over your front door.  God wasn't beyond sacrifice, this is what lead to the whole cane and able dispute in the first place.  An argument of blood versus produce sacrifice.  I'm sure most vegetarians would also agree picking sides was wrong.  Accepting both offerings would've been the best thing.  But there was no real death or violence involved in unearthing the vegetables.  The killing of all newborns by the king when he heard that a savior of the people would be born.  Hmm i could write an entire blog about the uses of death in the bible to prove a point.  Fire from the sky hailed down on his people the same ones he freed from Egypt when he felt they had forgotten his love.  Then there's David and Goliath.  Okay I'm really stopping now.

Yes we can say all of these things were done, written in order to help one learn from past mistakes.  Or help ground the rules of a faith.  But in essence, in it's bare minimum what it says is if you don't follow me you die.  It's not that complicated.  But that's not my point for this blog.  My point is it's okay to show such violence, such dangerous action, and other such things in movies for teens and under because the christian world is extremely numb to such things.  They eat sleep and breath violence through every page of the bible, but sex.  Um yah way to many rules about that.  That i really don't have the time for.  Sexual conservatism, and an aversion to swear words is all new.  It's something that evolved as people became more prudish and wanted to find ways to force all of humanity to be the same.  But even the new age church used to kill both men and women as witches and satan worshipers if they dared speak up against something inherently wrong in the church.  And clearly they were right because a lot of those things false witches were burned for they don't do anymore.  

So I'm a big hater of one group deciding to dictate what it is that i can and can not watch.  It's just like my blog 'I wont deep throat your agenda' don't shove your ideals down my throat.  If you have a problem with it don't watch it.  But you only have yourself to blame when you preach there's too much violence on tv when you set up a world where violence is much more acceptable than a few bad words.  Apparently it's the word fuck that will kill all of man kind and not the guns, weapons and gadgets that are in these PG13 and under movies. 

This particular country that shall remain nameless is so backwards in this area.  This is why i love south park the TV musical.  Terrance and Phillip worded it very well when they said "america has obscene acts of death and violence on television all the time.  we cant believe a movie with a little fowl language would piss you off so much."
It doesn't get any more clearer than that.  Someones priorities are all out of whack but they made the bed so now they can live in the violent tv infested universe that they created.

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