Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dana-Preview 2

“You really are special, you know.” It was later on that night, and Rene and Janita were alone in the kitchen.
“Just special?” Janita responded.
“Nah--really special with whipped cream and a cherry on top.”
“On top of where?”
“You pick the spot and I’ll get the cream.”

By the time Rene had the whipped cream in his hand, Janita was sitting on the counter top, legs open and panties off. Rene spread the whipped cream on top of his meal and dove into his desert. Janita leaned back and enjoyed every lick, flick, swivel, and combination that his tongue worked on her sweet spot. The way he teased her clit sent her moaning into ecstasy. She pulled him up and ordered him to suck on her breast, and like an obedient slave he did as commanded. “Harder” and he sucked harder; “nibble” and he nibbled; “play with my nipples.” And it went on: “Harder, harder. Good boy. Now do the other breast.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Did I say you could speak?” She slapped him hard. “Now lick my feet.” Rene did as told and paid close attention to each toe, and when she was satisfied Janita pushed him back and ordered him to watch her masturbate. After tasting her own nectar, she proceeded to get herself off then ordered him to lick her fingers, which he did like a hungry pig.
“Now fuck me hard.” Rene climbed up on top of her and pounded her vigorously, and no mater how hard, she kept ordering for more. Soon he was back on the ground, holding her legs at the ankles spread out like a V with her still on the counter, as he pounded her until he came to a screaming orgasm. “Shit, you feel so good I don’t want to stop!”
No need to tell her twice. She pushed him down, got off the counter and slid his still rock-hard man-missile back in her. His dick was so sensitive from all that hardcore anal and pussy fucking that he tried to stop her, but she pinned him down and he lacked the physical strength to stop her. It was intense but he just couldn’t seem to break, and Janita wasn’t getting off till she had like five orgasms including multiples.

Finally, when Rene’s body seemed to be at its last, she had a multiple orgasm that almost made him orgasm a second time, but no such luck. He figured he’d get a break, but she slid off and put her mouth to work, tasting him. Her sucking was an intense turn on, and she loved taking him past the edge. He loved that she could get his body so excited that he lacked the faculties to stop her from having her way with him. When he finally came, it shot over his head, on the counters, everywhere. Janita kissed him looked in his face and smiled.
“So you want to come again?”
“Are you insane? I can’t even get of the floor.”
“I can’t help it if I got the good shit.” Janita said, then helped him up off the floor. Once cleaned up and dressed, she took him out to the couch and Rene passed out in seconds. She then fully cleaned the kitchen and went back out to watch some TV. That was when Marco came home.
“Someone cleaned up in here?” Marco asked as he exited the kitchen. “Why is the whipped cream so far from the fridge when we are out of dessert?” he asked.
“Are you implying something?”  Janita responded with too much innocence in her voice.

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