Thursday, 19 April 2012

Media Slave

My pants don’t sag
And why should they... why should I follow the crowd
Be loud when they say shout and silent when they demand it
Buy this shoe cause it’s better than the next
Trade in my curved cap for a flat-peek-cap-hat
I won’t lose myself in the everyday media propaganda
The 'it's valentines' so you must buy flowers and gifts and pump money into a love that you should cherish everyday because the media say, that on this day, you must do it their way
Go through Easter egg mania because the powers that be want to strip more money out of you and me
When there are people starving, dying, homeless on the streets, children crying, so much going on yet we let 'them' guide us along
What pill to swallow for the perfect shape
The best powder to buy for your protein shake
They feed us their logic, their rules, their ideas, their way of life and we just give over our souls and let them

From the net, through the TV screens and magazines, into our hopes and dreams till we can no longer look back and see anything as ours
That all our choices were made by the influence peddlers
Who know that the more we eat of what they feed, the more gullible and easily controlled mindless zombies we'll be
Just obedient Igors that do as we’re told because having your own voice means following another voice also theirs--so even standing out becomes the design of another creators hands not yours or mine
But let’s get back to the point at hand
Why my pants are on my waist and not below my ass
It isn't only the refusal to let the media dress me--but a refusal to be a part of something more deadly
Supporting the secret--but not really--male sexual underground
The type of boxer, the color, the make, and more, are all a code that secretly dictates what you’re in to, down for, what turns you off and on
From 'I’m looking for a daddy' to ‘I’m married but like it when men spank me’
‘I'm versatile’ ‘I'm a top--bottom,’ ‘I’m in the closet,' 'Undecided’
‘Strictly into oral,’ ‘I’m into bondage—role play’
It's no wonder the undercover scene is surviving, thriving, lasting and why this sagging pants thing is still holding on and not dying
Why out of most styles that come and fade with the years, this pants below the ass thing doesn’t seem to be going anywhere
Yup folks… its here to stay--because out of all of the things they've forced upon us this one actually found some usable validity
And no I’m not perfect, 
I’ve done more than my shit of wrong
Yes I’ve been there, done that, grown and moved on
But at least when I look back I can say through all the photos, you could never look at me and see me blatantly and obviously supporting a secret gay agenda, purely due to the code of dress that was forced on me by society.

So let them tell you what songs to sing
Let them tell you what food to eat
Let the agenda pushers shove their subliminal rules about what is hot, cool, out of date, whack, rude, in, the latest fad, the newest slang, the best kicks, and let them put men in their skinny jeans
Make women feel they’re never pretty enough so they keep buying more product
Make the men feel they're not buffed enough so they'll buy more product
Let them shove it all down your throats and make you deep throat their shit
They only care about you just enough, to make you hate yourself enough to buy into what they sell you
We’re just dots on the globe
Sections on the map
Numbers rising high with dollar signs attached to our heads
With bright neon lights that read, ‘um a dumbass and yes you can control me’
Guide my every move cause I’ll be a zombie for you
I'll hate who you say hate, and love who say love
And if saggin’ pants makes me a hardcore thug then ‘hell yes, I’m in, show this thug some love’

I sometimes wonder if it bothers the real straight boys, that if they stood next to a flaming queen from behind and the front they'd look exactly the same
Same media-enforced-propaganda skinny jeans
Hanging below the ass--boxers out--full view in the breeze
Shirt just a little to big tucked in behind the belt buckle
More than a little too much bling and an identical flat-peek-cap-hat to top of the ensemble
Yeah... I said it and I don't care
Take it how you want it--the truth is out there
On every street corner, every artificial swagger—yes artificial
There’s no way you can walk without swag when your pants always sag
Just take a moment to stop and see what the media is doing to us, what the human race is turning out to be
And how something as simple as saying pants below the ass is cool has turned and grown into something much more devious
And if our sense of style is dictated by them then what other things and types of control does ‘them’ have over you and me

So yeah fuck the media, fuck society, fuck them all
I'm gonna keep my pants on my waist
Above my ass
Where they belong
Unless I’m fucking then maybe they might come down… but even then--just unzip and the job can still get done
My pants won't sag

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  1. you express a lot here, and a lot of what we all feel